New Features in COD Black Ops 2:

Avoid Holding Your Gun Down
For most players, they will hold their gun down as they travel around the map. You have to be quick in holding your gun up when you encounter an enemy. It can take some time to hold your gun up and aim towards your enemies. Thus, it is best to always hold your gun up so that you can easily shoot enemies that are on your left and right. Many players know about this trick but they don’t hold their gun up. I know this because the majority of the players I played with hold their gun down. The best way to shoot your enemies is to use the crossbow.
Walk Instead of Running Around The Map

My fourth tip is to walk instead of running around the map. You should walk around the map as often as possible. There are many times where I have been able to kill a newbie player when I am walking. There are two factors why most players would prefer not to travel around the map by walking. The first reason is that they can easily get killed by enemies in all directions when they reach the center of the map. The second reason is that you will be nervous. It is important to stay calm when you are playing the game. You should clear off all your fear so that you can travel around the map to attack your enemies. I try to walk around the map as often as possible when I play the game. It has helped to become more alert I also am able to easily spot campers from far away. You will find yourself be able to shoot at the enemy faster when walking. You should only run if you want to turn to a different direction. Running is when you want to carry out a move quickly. Walking is recommended for most of the general activities. Sometimes, you will already know where your enemies are. In this case, walking will slow down your speed. On the other hand, if you don’t know about your enemies’ wherearbount, you should walk. You should be walking when traveling around the map. Walking enales you to easily attack and kill your enemies that constantly travel to the center of the map. You must always pay attention to your right and front when walking around the map.

The above are the 4 tips can help players to improve their Call of Duty game. It is quite easy to execute each of the tips above. Following these tips will increase your skills at playing the game. I hope you will benefit from the tips I provided in this article and become a more professional player.
The Multiplayer Mode in COD Black Ops 2
Black Ops 2 Multiplayer is one of the most enjoyable games of all time. You can personalize the game as you like it. You will be able to personalize the gun in many ways such as adding your own logo, changing the color scheme, and changing the shape of the red dots on the gun.
You can choose which type of gun you want to use at all time. The player will feel that he has complete control over all aspect of the game. Black Ops 2 has its own currency. You can earn money by fighting matches, undertaking missions and receive rewards for your achievements. The money you earn can be used to buy the weapons. Also you can unlock all money by using bo2 hack tool in our friend webpage

Rewards in Black Ops II Multiplayer
In Black Ops 2, you can earn rewards when you carry out a kill streak. The most effective way of performing a kill streak is to use an attack aircraft with gunship. There are a lot of details in the cockpit of the aircraft. You can fly the aircraft around and shoot missiles until you get shot by an enemy.

The Care Package is one of the ways you can earn a streak rewards in Black Ops 2. Ir is a reward that you can use to unlock special weapons which cannot be obtained in other ways. An example of a special weapon you can unlock with the Care Package is the novel death machine. The novel death machine is a giant machine gun that can shoot unlimited number of bullets continuously. Another special weapon that you can unlock through the Care Package reward is the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper is a missile launcher that allows you to launch 16 rockets at your enemies.

The disadvantage is that you will lose the reward when you die. You cannot transfer the reward to another player. You cannot let another player use the special weapon when you are fighing in the combat. The only exception is that it has already been used until the limit.